December 2014  
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Board of Education Boulevard
Common Core Corner
Superintendent's Corner
The Middle School Experience 
* December 24 through January     
  2nd- School Closed for Winter   
* Piscataway Public Library
  MLK, Jr. Event
  January 10th at 2 p.m.
  Click here for info.
* PHS Experience
  January 7th at 6-8 p.m.
  For incoming 9th graders.
  Click here for info.
* Marking Period 2 Interim
  Reports to be mailed home on
  Friday, 12/19.

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Welcome to the webpage for Quibbletown Middle School.  We are a school community united with the purpose of providing our students with a quality education that is responsive to their developmental needs, talents, and interests.  We believe our students are capable of learning and achieving at high levels and we challenge them to do so.

We are... Quibbletown!

Please use the menu bar above and the links provided to get information about our school.


Quibbletown Shines

We are proud to introduce a new initiative this year called "Quibbletown Shines".  Through this program, we hope to celebrate those students who demonstrate "enthusiasm and respect for Quibbletown values".  As a school, we value students who are respectful, kind, helpful, trustworthy, positive, and hardworking.  Congrats to the students who have already been recognized and rewarded!


Saturday Academy

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