Stio, Vincenzo

Mr. Stio    Phys. Ed/ Health

Grade: 6th-8th Grade
Rooms: GYM, Aux Gym (Room 22), and Health (Room 23)

Contact Information: E-mail works best.
Phone:  (732)-752-0444 x5331

 "Cooperate with others, Compete with self."

 P-way Buddy Ball
- Get in the game!

Welcome Quibbletown Family.  My name is Vincenzo Stio and I am a Physical Education/Health Teacher at QMS. This is my 6th year teaching.

My Background: I hold a Bachelor's Degree In Health/Physical Education from Kean University and a Master's Degree in Special Education from The College of New Jersey. 
 Grading Policy
Preparation: 10%
Participation: 30%
Skill Assessment 35%
Health 25%

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