Batalas, George

Welcome to Mr. Batalas' STEM Classroom!

STEM includes:
6th: Design and Modeling
7th: Playground Design Process
8th: Automation and Robotics

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Phone number: (732) 752-0444 ext. 5330
Best time to reach me: Before and after school via phone. Anytime via email.

This class will cover the design process. This process will allow students to think in terms of the scientific method. Students will explore sketching, Computer Aided Design (CAD), build scale models, build a prototype.
The goal of our class is to be engaged in STEM by learning it, and doing it in class!
Students are expected to follow safety rules. They may engage in any behavior that does not jeopardize the safety or learning of others.





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Classroom Announcements & Special Projects: Projects will be coming up!