For Parents

To parents and guardians-

Over the course of the year, I hope to make several resources available to help your child succeed in my class.

First, homework is posted weekly on the student's Schoology calendar.  If you ask to see your child's calendar, you will see the students' homework and upcoming assignments for the week.  Schoology also provides you with the option to create a parent login.  Directions for how to do that and use Schoology are available by navigating to this page on the district site.

Second, your child is going to be asked to do the bulk of the course reading from the textbook at home this year, learn some vocabulary, and answer some questions based upon the reading.  On the day the reading/assignment is expected to be done, students will take a quiz on the reading.  The quiz is easy, but demands that the student has done the homework and has learned the vocabulary and main concepts from the reading.  To assist your child with this transition to more independent reading and learning, you may wish to quiz your child on the assigned reading.  I have generated flash cards to assist the students using the iPad app StudyBlue to assist with this process

Stay tuned for updates.