Student Point System

Point System


This Point System was deveoped to aid in monitoring student behavior. The District Code of Conduct supports the expected behaviors of the Handbook and provides a clear hierarchy of consequences. The District Code of Conduct is available for parent and staff review. The student Handbook has a spot for parents to sign indicating that they have reviewed it with their child.
Here is a summary of the details of the Point System:
  • Any student who receives 5 points in a marking period is excluded from any quarterly events or reward day activities. Teachers will promote the special events, which may include: a dance, teacher/student contest, movie day, or any other positive reward activity. A grade level teacher will monitor excluded students during the activity to reinforce or catch up on missed work.
  • Points are assigned through the Assistant Principals Office and recorded in Genesis by the secretary /clerk.
  • Points will be assigned once the proper teacher interventions have been exhausted.
  •  Student Point Reports will be provided to each team for monitoring their students.
  • Discussion of the behavior and a corrective plan should be developed by the teacher and parent. Check with the CST for Special Education students, who may already have a Behavior Intervention Plan in place
  • Classroom management plans must be communicated to all student and parents and must be consistent school wide.
  • The Point System will be communicated to parents and students in September and posted on school website as a continuous reminder.  Behavior Referrals must accompany any student sent to the office.Office Time Out is limited to the time needed to process the student
  • Students will return to class once processed unless their behavior is unsafe or creates a major disruption to the class.
  • Referrals will be returned if no teacher intervention was noted
  • Intervention includes teacher action and parent contact (Leaving a message with the parent does not constitute intervention).




  • Repeated gum chewing
  • Talking out of turn – distracting the lesson
  • Electronic equipment/Cell phone
  • Dress code violation
  • Hall pass violation
  • Cafeteria rule violation
  • Distracting behavior
  • Lateness to class
  • Violation of class/school rules – running, pushing, loud


Level II Infractions, 1-3 points: 

  • Disruptive behavior to the order of the class
  • Disrespecting classmates
  • Hallway disruption – arguing, verbal altercation
  • Missed Detention
  • Cheating
  • Profanity


Level III Infractions, 3-5 poINts:

  • Disrespect to adults
  • Defiance/Insubordination
  • Cutting class/school
  • Defacing school property
  • Stealing or possession of stolen property
  • Unsafe/Aggressive behavior – fighting, bullying, harassing, threatening, rough play
  • Physical Confrontation