Club Advisor(s)
Join Code
Newspaper Club Ms. Crick & Ms. Buro   
 Yearbook Club Ms. Gilman & Ms. Zielinski   
 Safe Spaces Club Mr. Sobocinski   
Art Club Ms. Flanagan  
National Junior
Honor Society
Mr. Sobocinski  
 Knights Council Ms. McLean  
Drama Club Ms. Pamm  
School Play
Ms. Fedor, Mr. Zengerle,
& Ms. Pamm
 STEM Clubb Mr. Batalas  
 Game Club Mr. Miller, Mr. Patzelt,
& Mr. Marguglio

Please visit this link to see descriptions of each of the clubs.

Late busses are available for students to regularly take a bus home.  Please know that the late bus stops are different than the normal bus stops.  To see the list of late bus stops, please visit this link.