Quibbletown Middle School

99 Academy Street

Piscataway, NJ 08854-2747

(732) 752-0444

 Profile of Quibbletown Middle School

Quibbletown Middle School is located on Academy Street in Piscataway, NJ. It has an enrollment of 550 students in grades 6 through 8. The population is diverse with 38% African-American, 23% White, 22% Asian and 17% Hispanic students comprising our student body. Grade 6 students are from the two intermediate schools in the district. The National Middle School Association recognizes five key components in identifying effective middle schools. They are (1) interdisciplinary teaming, (2) advisory programs, (3) varied instruction, (4) exploratory programs which include a range of academic, vocational and recreational subjects and (5) transition programs that allow for a smooth change of schools for the young adolescent. Quibbletown integrates these elements in our school program.

The curriculum presented to our students is aligned with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards (NJCCCS) and is part of a viable district curriculum that is research based. Our curriculum addresses the academic diversity of our students that includes general education students, accelerated students, at-risk students and special needs students. Each year Grade 8 students are administered The New Jersey Grade Eight Proficiency Test (GEPA) and Grade 6 and 7 take the S-Test. The data that we receive from these tests is analyzed and used to formulate our Strategic Action Plan that supports teacher's instructional planning. Student success is celebrated with an Honor Roll Breakfast, a Student of the Month Lunch, Jr. National Honor Society and a Grade 8 award segment at our annual promotional assembly.

The Quibbletown Counseling program is proactive and supports our school community. Monthly classroom guidance lessons are presented as well as opportunities for individual and small group counseling sessions. The Counseling Department coordinates our mentoring program, our Kean University Leadership program, Project Health Links, and a newly formed Peer Mediation Program. Additionally, our school provides an after-school program that includes a variety of activities that address diverse student interests. Our Parent Teacher Group (PTG) also is involved in various school programs during the school day and after regular school hours that are both social and educationally beneficial to our students.

We are proud of the supportive environment that allows our students to develop academically and socially. Our middle school strives to provide a quality education that meets the needs of all students.